Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Programming Language - GO

High rate of development in Computer hardware and application but no significant changes in programming techniques became the reason for google to develop a new programming language GO. It was released on Nov 10 and  serves a the task that a C and C++ programming languages do today and has its speed almost same as that of a C/C++ compiler. The best of GO is that it supports instant compilation. It feels like we are using an interactive programming language. The users of ".net" might be well aware with the advantages on instantaneous and interactive programming.Google developed this programming language under a group 20% project( Google workers can constructively utilize 20% of their work time for developmental works other than their normal routine official work) nearly 2 years before this date. Since there is no IDE as per now for GO programming, Google has decided to market GO as an OpenSource hoping the open source community would come up with better tools for this language. Pike, Robert Griesemer, Ken Thompson, Ian Taylor, and Russ Cox, all being Google engineers are the top contributers for the outcome of this highly effective programming language. The learning curve of this new programming language is compared to that of JAVA. Pike, one of the developers feels that if people can learn JAVA out of the box, they wont find and difficulty in learning GO. GO though not seen in development of any major Web applications at present, it is known from google employees that Go has played an important role in many internal developments of GOOGLE. For example GOOGLE WAVE can provide an enhanced performance if both Front and Back end is designed using Go, instead of the present combination of JAVASCRIPT and C++ sever code. Pike also revels that Go has an important role to play in the forth coming OS Google Chrome. 

Google engineers are seeing it as a future tool of programming, but whether a programmer can come out of the adjusted C/C++ coding is yet to be seen.


  1. At last google has come out with a good programming language....It seems to help a lot for programmers....thank u for the information shreyas....