Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wings of Flight for technology- Robotic fly

Robot technology has been on fast improvement from past 5 years. Robots have now evolved to such a stage wherein they can almost function like a human being with an exception of thinking power. Their application is widely seen in many fields. Japan being a leader in Robotic technology has taken robots to all most all fields ranging from sheer gaming to even aid in security concern of the the country. And i would like to focus on the Robotics being applied in security concerns.

With increase in implementation of technology by the anti social groups, the efforts to strengthen security with the usage of the same technology has also increased. And one such effort reminds me of the ROBOTIC fly. The credit goes to to HARVARD university for giving machinery a wing to fly. Though this fly still is in its nest, the day it becomes widely used can be a real

gift to spies all round the globe. This Robotic fly is a very small machinery with a weight of about just 50 - 60 milligrams, resembles a small house fly that is a common sight in almost all homes. The new robotic fly being developed by unnameable organization has such complex circuit designing that it becomes very difficult to trace it even by complex detectors. This house fly has an embedded camera with a a reasonably good lens, such that the person in picture can be easily identified and a very sharp response for even low frequency sounds. Having chemical sensors, this fly is now being used for Chemical testing. The main issue of concern in this technology is its power support. Since the size of the fly is exceptionally small, usage of conventional power supply source becomes very difficult. Solar technology can be implemented, but its credibility of functioning at night time comes into questioning. So now the scientists have been working on the idea of conversion of heat energy into electrical energy at a micro scale such that the robotic fly can recharge itself by going near a bulb or any other electronic equipment in the room of its functioning. If this technology is well developed, this can really act as a boom for all the security personals around the world.
But even proper care has to be taken such that this effective tool only remains in safe hands.Or else friends ,in coming years if you have any ideas of mischief to be done, then you would have to search your house well for all the flies.....

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  1. i am tej and its really proud to know such micro robot that can immitate the real world and like to know more about it.